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Message 143 - And
Wow, I stumbled upon the cat page and I am amazed that you have pain for the domain for all these years! Congratulations.
15 January 2024,12:26:55 - Catalonia

Message 142 - Kelly | krebstarr1127~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I love the cat pictures!
7 January 2024,03:04:14 - USA

Message 141 - Daniel
Man, what an old website, i love it. Hello, you wonderful people.
6 January 2024,02:45:34 - Bristol, Tennessee

Message 140 - Sharpeelord
Feels like I have found treasure when stumble across old website like this.
Wish you all the best.
31 December 2023,05:32:05 - Vietnam

Message 139 - coyo | stardustinblue, try it somewhere
JAIME WAS HERE! Awesome page dude, heard good things about this manga, keep up this web page some more :)
28 December 2023,05:20:44 - California

Message 138 - stardustinblue | stardustinblue, try it somewhere
Awesome read, i should probably get into video girl ai! seen it around a few times and seeing this might just get me into it
27 December 2023,20:36:22 - California

Message 137 - newwick | newwick50~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Nice website
13 August 2023,21:33:21

Message 136 - Beau
Found this off of wiby, pretty cool that it's still up
12 August 2023,22:05:59 - TX, USA

Message 135 - Leti Uchiha
I was on Wiby, found this page and it's cool af!

P.S.: Utena, my beloved 💜💮✨
3 August 2023,14:06:27 - Spain

Message 134 - Colin | weeklytrumpet8~AT~gmail~DOT~com | https://www.youtube.com/@mimotakito1114/videos
Yo what is up home dawg stumbled acros this website while time traveling downloading midis of my favorite band nickelback, anyone else excited for Halo 2? I am
30 July 2023,09:32:57 - Oregon

Message 133 - Jacob
I'm not special in discovering this one huh :(. lots of cali fellas here. waht gives
18 July 2023,05:02:41 - California

Message 132 - Rylee
I'm surprised this website is still up after so many years, it's always nice to stumble over old websites :3
3 July 2023,09:03:51 - California

Message 131 - cyberJAC | jacjacjacjacjacjac~AT~protonmail~DOT~com
surfing on the OL' wiby AND FOUND U
28 November 2021,23:40:43 - cAlifornia

Message 130 - William | Nothing~AT~nothingness~DOT~33383ng84ngf~DOT~cc | NADA
sites like these give me such a weird feeling.
16 October 2021,02:03:40 - Norway

Message 129 - tuxutku | proje~DOT~pdf~AT~outlook~DOT~com
was surfing on the wiby and happen to visit your site. Its nice that you kept this domain for so long and subsequently helped a lot of people as it seems :)
20 April 2021,17:00:37 - Turkey

Message 128 - Meeks | niggalessspine~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | I don’t have one, but add me on Facebook. Meeks Eue-Azeugo
Greeting from New Zealand. This image kept popping up in my head every now and then, so I thought I’d find the song n screenshot the cover art. I then reverse image searched it and found 1 result, clicked the link and here I am. I’ll be watching video girl ai later. Cheers. ✨
8 May 2020,16:43:44 - New Zealand

Message 127 - L
you sure kept this domain going for a long time. good on you.
20 April 2019,07:47:00 - california

Message 126 - Patrick
I found this link in an old folder of Anime bookmarks.
I think its great that you've kept it going all this time!
Vidoe Girl AI will live forever !
6 April 2019,02:06:23 - San Francisco

Message 125 - tellas | victreal.net/yugiohCard/gallery
Yeah, Video Girl AI is one of the great master piece manga ever.
3 September 2012,00:03:48

Message 124 - Kanoha | miss~DOT~lolicon21~AT~gmail~DOT~com | xxx
I really like those older manga, especially Video Girl AI which was first manga that I read.
24 August 2012,11:54:33

Message 123 - Andrew S. | andrew.suh.94@gmail.com
I was looking for scans of Shadow Lady and found your site. I am a diehard fan of all the old manga (I mean, it's the ones that ARE interesting to read) and I found your commentary fun to read. ^_^ hope you get an update soon. :)
16 January 2010,23:11:04 - CA, USA

Message 122 - Mister Bushido | shojo.pl
Just surfed in, and as a devoted anime fan, I'll leave a sign
16 January 2010,23:11:04 - Poland

Message 121 - Paul
Great site, love the art and information, and it has introduced me to some series I might have heard of but never really looked into.
Thank you and keep up the great work it shows you are a true fan.
By the way, I totally agree with the censorship issue, it`s a shame.
7 September 2008,02:25:58 - Canada

Message 120 - R. Cobran
Gracias por el site. Hace algunos años leí el manga, fue muy emotivo. Me encanto la historia y su desarrollo. Soy un fan mas de Katsura. Saludos.
Thanks for the site. I read the manga some years ago. I loved the story, since then I've a Katsura fan. Greetings.
5 September 2007,07:08:06 - South America

Message 119 - Psalm Bautista | paulosquall25~AT~yahoo~DOT~com | www.friendster.com/paulosquall
i have the 15volume! i have the 6OVA! but where the hell is the live action!!!!! waaaah! i want that even though the youta in there looks pathetic! and they dont look like 16! i wish i can remake that movie!
22 September 2006,18:12:43 - USA

Message 118 - Poetra | Poetramail~AT~lycos~DOT~com
Way to go!
Cool Ai Amano.
28 June 2006,20:57:55 - Indonesia

Message 117 - Eric
You have a cool site!. im a fan of vgai, do u happen to have the movie's musics? maybe u could load them on the site and let the fans listen to them.
23 May 2006,08:54:05

Message 116 - Bakasama | audighozalli~AT~sbcglobal~DOT~net | i dont have :P
PLEASE!! KEEP Video Girl Ai Section Alive!!!... Im big big fans of Video Girl Ai (VGA) I beg you please keep it alive. This anime really change my live.
26 January 2006,06:20:55 - The old USA

Message 115 - David
Great site, i love the series, and am always looking for sites like this where i can find out more, good job !
11 October 2005,23:49:14 - Pennsylvania

Message 114 - Steve | bob34~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | yahoo.com
Like thisGoog luck with web traffic!
7 March 2005,19:29:34 - Canada

Message 113 - Fleur
zi ave just read viedeo girl' zand zi zink it tis good~
12 September 2004,05:54:59 - London,England

Message 112 - kaylee | miugirl2001~AT~ yahool~DOT~com | hshshshkayleehshs.com
12 September 2004,05:52:30 - Fremont, CA

Message 111 - Javier Vizoso | ai_yota~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Wie geht's? I don't know if you still check out this guestbook but anyway I found your page one old day after searching the web with “VIDEO GIRL AI” and ended up reading your opinion and the whole section actually.

I’m 21 and just find wonderful how special the power of Ai really is to make so different people share the same feelings and thoughts all over the world. For me Video Girl Ai is not simply another good manga but a “real” proof of deep and true love. It owns a special magic which makes you tremble and touch whatever feeling the characters suffer (or enjoy) for real. It can do that by its own but a little bit of predisposition from the reader is required. I actually believe that to be able to fully appreciate it, the reader should have a “grown-up heart”.

In my case, my own “Ai” has been with me all along my short life and she reminds me of Katsura’s character and viceversa. Also it helped me out to realize some important things and get out of a depressive mood. Aside from that, K2R’s drawing is just outstanding. I may sound silly but after almost 3 years to read out the whole story (reedition), suffering as hell sometimes and enjoying as in heaven other times, I became more sensitive and learnt actually some useful things about relationships too.

I know more people who think like me about Kastsura’s masterpiece, and I don’t mind about all the rest who believe that this is too serious an opinion, talking just about a comic. To paraphrase “The Sunday Times” when “The Lord of the Rings” was introduced for the first time: “THE WORLD IS DIVIDED UP INTO THE ONES WHO READ Video Girl AI AND THE ONES WHO ARE JUST ABOUT TO READ IT”.

Vielen Dank.

4 September 2004,22:04:35 - Coruña, Spain

Message 110 - Leighanne | home.kimo.com.tw/landtlandt/

My name is leighanne and I live in Taoyuan-Taiwan. I photographed the nature of Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Phipplipines, Thailand and China, Since 2001 till now I have finished more than 800 nature wallpapers. (45% from Network) I hope you'll like to use these pictures!~ :p
4Beautiful free nature wallpapers

14 June 2004,21:27:41 - Taoyuan, Taiwan

Message 109 - Peace Pursuer
I've heard of the anime Video Girl Ai for a very long time
but never got a chance to watch until recently. I've totally
fallen in love with it, well, or should I say I've totally
fallen in love with Ai. Thank you very much for your great
website on this anime. Especially those rare scans which
you put on your site, I really appreciate your sharing with
other Ai fans. Please keep up the good work and keep this
site up. You never know when is another person like me who
would discover this great anime, fallen in love with it and
try to search the web to find more info about it.
Many thanks again. Best regards.
8 May 2004,08:18:12 - NYC

Message 108 - Rambo | puut~AT~jippii~DOT~fi | www.angelfire.com/super2/dream5
Wery nice page=)
2 May 2004,00:39:31 - Finland

Message 107 - mandy mai | mandy_0416~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I love shadow lady very much!! Thanks for making such a great website!!! you have done a good job and Keep up the fine work!!
25 April 2004,07:11:42 - Australia

Message 106 - Cailtyn | harperofmist~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I loved your site!^o^ It was realy fun to see some manga that I havent seen before.I just love anime my eyes always seem to get stuck to the screen!*-* Where did you get it?Wherever I go I cant find manga in English , when I say manga I mean any anime!!! Do you have any suggestions?^-^*
30 January 2004,05:04:04 - California

Message 105 - Eki | dieselviulu~AT~yahoo~DOT~ca
Hi there! You have quite a lot of good information on your page! I originally came
here to check if writer of "video girl ai" was male or female and got the answer
(which I had guessed anyway). I have just finished reading it and I have to say that
I mostly share the feelings of C.D who wrote here september 30, 2001: Damned Katsura!
Made me also feel really sad, but I think my reasons are differrent; I really waited
to the very last page of the story for Youta and Moemi to live happily ever after -
TOGETHER! That's how it should have ended! I feel very clearly that the end of the
story was a wrong one. I may be the only one to feel that way but it seem very clear
to me. It feels like Katsura had to put Youta together with Ai in the end, since Ai
has the title of the whole story. BTW, if you loved VGA, I can stronly recommend
"Maison Ikkoku". There's a lot of similarities, it is both really sad and really
hope-bringing. I'm 27 now and maison ikkoku was one of the quite few mangas I have
read that don't make me feel "I'm too old for this" :)

Live a happy life, all of you, and maintain the pure heart even when it hurts!
29 January 2004,03:45:39 - Helsinki, Finland

Message 104 - amanda | tellu87~AT~juno~DOT~com
great site! luv it! shadow fave. anyone luv inuyasha?
24 January 2004,03:26:59 - texas

Message 103 - Ania | keiko_ryuzaki~AT~tenbit~DOT~pl | blog.tenbit.pl/seeking-dream-team
great site :)

27 October 2003,13:23:15 - Poland

Message 102 - Jolie | luckiejgirl~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Just wanted to be the millionth one to tell you, Thank you
So much for your site I love it and have learned alot by visiting.
26 September 2003,05:11:31 - Utah

Message 101 - Ricardo Antonio Muñoz Poblete | boomers2032~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
-Desde hace ya casi cuatro años que estoy relacionado con el
manga y el animé y he ingresado a causa de las obras de
Katsura y aunque he conocido muchas otras peliculas,series,
mangas no dejo de admirar la maestría con la cual mi sensei
representa las emociones mas diversas en el ser humano,y eso
es lo que no puede comparar nadie hasta el dia de hoy.
-Incluso es tal mi fanatismo,que soy reconocido en el medio de
los otakus con el nombre de Yota motenai,e incluso hay muchos
que no conocen mi nombre verdadero.
-Espero que mi mensaje les agrade y espero pronta respuesta.
5 September 2003,20:40:36 - Santiago de Chile

Message 100 - John | jbrichetto~AT~earthlink~DOT~net | home.earthlink.net/~chineseprincess/
thanks, very nice picts
25 July 2003,18:20:19 - Tampa

Message 99 - ssj9goku_14
OMG! LOL!!! YoutaMoteuchi posted my site on the old
guestbook. LOL! Wow....I feel so honored. BTW about
that comment about geocities losing it. He was right.
Geocities did lose it.
19 July 2003,04:41:46 - google.com

Message 98 - peppe | peppedany~AT~tin~DOT~it | www.cartoonland.it
I think this is a really great site.
I'd like to have a link exchange with your site.
Really nice, expecially the first part.
Go on!
17 June 2003,03:03:59 - italy

Message 97 - Harry | harald~DOT~skalei~AT~t-online~DOT~de | none
This Homepage is very wundervoll!
11 June 2003,17:34:20 - Germany

Message 96 - Amy | Amy-funky~AT~gmx~DOT~de | little-edi.de.vu
This is a good site and I hope it will be better. But it is so good that it cant be better!
8 June 2003,06:29:48 - Cologne/German

Message 95 - Poet | lonelypoet~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
This is the best Video Girl site I've seen so far.
Keep up the good work
27 April 2003,04:33:21 - The showdows

Message 94 - ~AnNa~ (AMeCyLia) | moje_imie~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | www.geocities.com/moje_imie
13 April 2003,14:36:56 - Poland

Message 93 - Laura | truetopunk~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | stonesour.tk
Your site is very nice. It was very informative. A couple
of my friends said I would definatly like this anime and your's
was probably the best one I have found so far.
22 February 2003,01:05:08 - California, US

Message 92 - Leana | minako~AT~freemail~DOT~hu
Wow! This homepage is great! Really! Keep on doing so well!
24 January 2003,20:56:43 - Hungary

Message 91 - protoman | protoman_2000~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | www.geocities.com/protoman_2040
hey whats up!?
by now ur probebly in ur 20z and dont give crap obout VGAi
fans.... but if u do i'll tell u my story.... my brother
left on a holiday with his girl friend... any way while he
was i gone i thought it would be OK to check out some of
his old anime comics that he got in 1999 there was this
1 called "animerica extra" i look in side an saw crap i
didn't like any of the story lines and the anime was drawn
real crappy but when i turned to page 35 i thought what
the hell is a video girl!? i red the comic and my question
went un answered but nun the less it was still pretty cool.
that night i listend to music and thought to my selt looking
at the roof of my room. i felt empty as if a part of me was
missing as if a quetion in my mind was unanswered.. then i
got up and took an other look at my brothers comic i turned
to page 35 and look a real close look it sead just bellow the
the title "Video Girl ai" "chapter 7" ...... any ways the next
night or 2 i searched it on the net and found my answers
and that takes me here.... just goes to show u VGAi is
still makeing new fans even in 2003!

P.S sorry 4 all my spelling/grammer mistakes
9 January 2003,11:50:39 - Australia

Message 90 - Syg. | dan_bradders~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | sygma.5er.com
Hey there.. You have some incredibly rare pictures here. Especially the Tenjiku Rounin ones. I cant find ANY other tenjiku rounin online. Looks like you havnt updated in a while though.. i favourited the site just incase you do.. Bai bai.
15 December 2002,00:29:38 - London, England

Message 89 - Thomas S | Bloodreaven~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
BTW ! For all of you Video Girl Ai freaks !

I have an FTP server op with All 6 Video Girl Ai eps. (Video)
Im Gonna open it op for all you fellow Video Girl Ai lovers

Host :
User : VGA-fan
Pass : VGA

Acces to the FTP will come about 2 days after the date on
this post.

If you cant get into the FTP server it might not be up !
You can find out if it's up my checking for the name :
Wierd Cola Can
on AOL.

But if you aint got AOL just mail, and il get it up ASAP !

Thomas S
9 December 2002,09:11:00 - Denmark

Message 88 - Thomas S | Bloodreaven~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I have only one thing ti say to you about the website.....
I LOVE IT !!!!! Video Girl Ai, is the best Anime I have ever
seen... ^__^ But i have never read the Manga :*(*****
But where can I buy it ? Or Download it for that seaks... I
wanna read it SO bad !

Anywho.... TnX for the site !

Thomas S
9 December 2002,08:59:03 - Denmark

Message 87 - AA | www.advanceagent.com

I would like to invite you to visit


AdvanceAgent.com offers original production cels from popular Japanese animation series, including Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Trigun, Saint Seiya, Pokemon, Fushigi Yuugi, X, Samurai Troopers and many more. Please come by and take a look.
7 December 2002,23:32:02 - AdvanceAgent.com

Message 86 - Crystal | crys94~AT~yahoo~DOT~com | www.angelfire.com/comics/crystalb/manga_main.html
I am a HUGE fan of Video Girl Ai!! I think it is THE best story/manga I have ever read!! Keep up the great work on your site!
28 October 2002,20:44:51 - Florida

Message 85 - Ganossa
Hm... nice site, nice video girl ai pics (more please).see ya!
15 October 2002,15:52:15 - Germany, Munich

Message 84 - Garou | darkstalker_garou~AT~ latinmail~DOT~com
Please!!!!!!!!I need your help soooo much !!!I'am a Shadow Lady fan too, but i got a BIG problem.I lost the #5 of Shadow Lady and it was not mine!!!It owns to a friend of the school... please i want to buy to you that number, i know u have it... it will b a big help.I DON´T CARE THE MONEY... BUT DON´T BE VERY BAD :( !!!!!!!THANK U A LOT !!!!!!!!!!P.D. Your gallery is cooool !!!!!
10 October 2002,00:51:11 - Darkness

Message 83 - greebo | hischebeth~AT~web~DOT~de
hi "sue" es ist sehr nett hier. deine katze gefällt mir fast so gut wie meinewir sehen uns in der bsw
29 September 2002,20:40:34 - brettspielwelt

Message 82 - Eve
highlow! how you doin? i didn t know wut shadow lady was(believe me i read the so called short summary)til now you are the greatest! bye for know!^_^
22 September 2002,23:25:17 - Canada!! umm, eh?

Message 81 - Roger
The Christmas photographs are really nice. Thanks.
21 September 2002,09:10:42 - Philadelphia

Message 80 - adam | smithzo2002~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | www.tenchiuniverseonline.cjb.net
good site needs video clips and more pics apart from that great :)
20 September 2002,10:53:17 - england

Message 79 - gerard | bebe_nightelf~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
you got a nice page here i really appreciate it. can you send me all the nude pics you have of this characters on youre website if it isnt any bother to you????
13 September 2002,03:46:13 - philippines

Message 78 - gabe yulaw | www~DOT~ai_amano~AT~yahoo~DOT~com | www.ai_amano@yahoo.com
please send me info on all kinds of anime including video girl ai amano at ai_amano@yahoo.com and i video girl ai amano and fushigi yuugi is the best. i really like this website and i hope you could send me info on it.
6 September 2002,23:17:10 - los angeles

Message 77 - Soni Amio | aismygirl~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | www.aismygirl.com
Thanx Masakazu 4 miakig this WONDERFULL manga (Ai'Len ect)!
25 August 2002,20:17:20 - Finland

Message 76 - Martha | Hussltown~AT~aol~DOT~com
this is my first time to see shadow lady and i like it want to know more please email me to tell me moreabout it people please!!!!!
15 August 2002,07:09:40 - Houston

Message 75 - Jie Zou | JIeZou766~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I really like to see "Video Girl Ai",and I wish there's free View all MangaSeries of the"Video Girl Al".
10 August 2002,21:43:19 - (B3m 2v7) Nova Scotia, Canada

Message 74 - Samantha Alicea | Miaka11239~AT~aol~DOT~com
I love Anime like Fushigi Yugi,Revolutionary Girl Utena andVideo Girl Ai. I love all Anime that have Love,Betray,ass kicking and cute boys lots of them.
6 August 2002,03:26:20 - Brooklyn

Message 73 - Superman | battousai_2001~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | superhero_fortress.tripod.com/index.html/
Very good!
22 July 2002,17:11:52 - Trinidad

Message 72 - Mason McMillen
Hi, Shadow Lady! By the wa y I like your web site, but it could use more pictures of you naked-Oooo I shouldn't go there. Well, me and my friends think your really HOT!! Man, you are FINE!! Could you ever get anyhotter than that? I don't think so! You are so sexy that you make me look like a hobo. I really like you comics too. I like the one when you souved your butt into the other guy's face!!Hee! Hee! I wouldn't mind being that guy-Did I just say that!?!! Well, bye hottie, we should get together sometime, how's "your place" Hea! See ya! Peace out!
12 July 2002,19:25:06 - U.S.A. Gainesville, FL

Message 71 - Lily | www~DOT~MoonLight2002~AT~2by2~DOT~net
hi this is lily! i just want to say that i think Shadow Ladyis a good story and it have cute and pretty characters:)but it's hard to find site about, do you know any good sitesabout this anime. anyways great site you have and keep up the good work:) thanx
21 June 2002,05:05:56 - united states

Message 70 - Lily | www~DOT~MoonLight2002~AT~2by2~DOT~net
hi this is lily! i just want to say that i think Shadow Ladyis a good story and it have cute and pretty characters:)but it's hard to find site about, do you know any good sitesabout this anime. anyways great site you have and keep up the good work:) thanx
21 June 2002,05:05:33 - china

Message 69 - insomnium | insomnium~AT~narod~DOT~ru | insomnium.narod.ru
Hello!My name is Tanja,i am from Russia,and i want you(if it possible)wright me on @-mail.It is just interesting for me.Sorry for my english...I was not best in school. From very cold country Tanja Rizhkova
17 June 2002,14:41:00 - Russia

Message 68 - Renato Alves de melo | renascido2000~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Heloo! A´m From Brazil, São Paulo City of Osasco.I Like, I Love, Video Girl Ai...Good Bye my friedy so long!!!!At the Brazil the video Girl Ai is Sucefull!!!now number 11....Obrigado por fazer da video Girl Ai um mangá bem anunciado em todo mundo!!!!
5 June 2002,22:37:56 - Brazil

Message 67 - Angel Miller | Releena~AT~kconline~DOT~com | sorry don't have one
I'm gald i could sign this!
4 June 2002,19:52:09 - Indinana

Message 66 - PSXposed | psxposed~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | welcome.to/psxposed
Great page. Greatest! Most informative. I luv Ai too & practically EVERYTHING Katsura does! Anyone wanting to trade Anime VCDs contact me for a list!
24 May 2002,11:02:31 - GA, USA

Message 65 - Dave Wasson | wassond~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Found your site from doing a web search on dogpile...was looking for ways to convert analog video to digital and install on computer.
13 May 2002,22:42:36 - USA

Message 64 - ICE FOX
6 May 2002,06:25:26 - San Fransisco, California

Message 63 - Ravenwing | Ravenswing014~AT~aol~DOT~com

26 April 2002,00:18:18 - Between the world of Anime and the real

Message 62 - Raven

26 April 2002,00:14:14 - The little world inside my head

Message 61 - ellie

5 April 2002,21:35:20 - damnit i'm from the us of a

Message 60 - Ellie | cherrycandy2~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hiya! I was just trying to find some good pictures ofrandom anime. You're site was chosen. Don't you feelspecial!?! Well, this is always fun. Signing strangers' guest books. Rather enjoyable. You should try it sometime. My friend has a really cool website that I think you would like, but because of the lack of a brain, I can'tremember what it is. Oh, well. Bye bye. Nice page. A girl you prob will never know, Ellie
5 April 2002,21:33:32 - Mississippi yippee!!!!!!

Message 59 - Ellie | cherrycandy2~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hiya! I was just trying to find some good pictures ofrandom anime. You're site was chosen. Don't you feelspecial!?! Well, this is always fun. Signing strangers' guest books. Rather enjoyable. You should try it sometime. My friend has a really cool website that I think you would like, but because of the lack of a brain, I can'tremember what it is. Oh, well. Bye bye. Nice page. A girl you prob will never know, Ellie
5 April 2002,21:32:37 - anipike...ha ha

Message 58 - Tyler
your web page rules. i just want to say i love video girl ai.i like all the stuf onyour web page. i also learned somthing from it i never new there was a moive that had real people init.
30 March 2002,03:48:57 - usa

Message 57 - Vicky | spinbb~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Ehi, ma 6 italiano anke tu???Complimenti per il sito!I was looking for some nice pictures of video girl ai and Ienjoyed very much even the rest of the manga and anime section...and your sweet cat!really lovely!!Vicky
23 February 2002,14:30:05 - Italy

Message 56 - Phoenix | fire_babe49~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hey great site!i love the variety and effort you put into it.keep it up, i'm gonna visit every so often so you better keep it up and get tons of pics for me to oogle!c ya Phoenix.
14 February 2002,10:39:21 - Australia

Message 55 - Rionoa | RionoaHartly~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I reall like your website it is really the greatestI think you sould have more pics but it's great alone
11 February 2002,23:07:41 - Canada

Message 54 - Akasha | Akasha6915~AT~aol~DOT~com
Cute site. Um I was wondering if anyone know what the full 3 Shadow Lady series is. And if the ones they released in America is the entire series or not?If anyone knos, e-mail, please at Akasha6915@aol.com
4 January 2002,05:55:49 - For the darkness.

Message 53 - Little Nici
This pages are very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The best are the things about Video-girl Ai!Can you write me as a pen friend?Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My adress is: Nici Scharnowski Im Feldle 36 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen GermanyPlease write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I`m waiting for your letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bye.....CU......Little Nici
2 January 2002,10:49:05 - Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany

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I thought you could have made your cencored page a little more larger and put more pics.other than that I thought your webpage was great!
28 December 2001,23:30:25 - Hawaii

Message 51 - alexander | thecrow87~AT~tiscali~DOT~it
send me gif and image of video girl ai, ranma 1/2, slam dunk.
12 December 2001,16:26:44 - Italy

Message 50 - Kenshin | kenshin~AT~dreamtheater~DOT~zzn~DOT~com
Hello LeoI've search the manga named Lust of Ronin Tenjiku and I can't find it (in the mangastore not sale it)you have it?you cand post more images if it in yuor page or will an send to me the scan imagesthanks so much
1 December 2001,21:24:24 - Lejos -Colombia "Locombia"-

Message 49 - Marcuz | darkschneider79~AT~yahoo~DOT~it
Nice site... W Ai Amano!
17 November 2001,17:19:34 - Italy

Message 48 - Sunshine | Harri_sun~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hello interesting website I wonderd if you can draw your own manga?
12 November 2001,04:11:45 - London but now live in Ireland

Message 47 - Sarah Kaiser | keiko_tenno~AT~lycos~DOT~de

11 November 2001,15:57:56 - Germany

Message 46 - carlos
hi; your page is very good.Please more of Mazakazu Katsura.Bye.
5 November 2001,18:03:41 - mex

Message 45 - marco | paskn12~AT~libero~DOT~it
it is a very very very very very very veryvery very verygood page!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 October 2001,16:14:26 - italy

Message 44 - C.D | deadjoe~AT~vidoetron~DOT~ca
Damned Katsura! I hate him, really. VGA and I's are so well write,i forget it was only comics.And i remember my life was so sad. I wish i never read VGA or even watch the anime. Yota remember me when i was teenager... and to be honest, i remember me yesterday, a couple of houre ago ect ectBut Ai show herself in my room. same thing, i never know a girl like Iori (I's heroin)who can give it up superstar's ambition for love. In real life, personn can let you for onlyjob, cheap ambition, imagine a girl you decide to not take the opportunity to be a star for his man.Damned Katsura. Poetry suppose to heal my soul.Come on, i want to know, where he take his inspiration? Where?It's a fantasme? Or he really know pure soul like Ai?If it,s the case, i want my share too. I can imagine dying without such beautiful love.Or the answer was in creation... art. Maybe it's the power of the Artiste. To create a world where thing are more beautiful. Myabe i have to create my own paradise.If it is the answer. Katsura find his way to immortality in many heart. I guess.
30 September 2001,02:34:01 - Montreal, Québec, Canada

Message 43 - esther | estherfdeus~AT~ig~DOT~com~DOT~br
I loved your page!!! I like manga and anime, but I didn't knowShadow Lady until I found this page of yours! (sorry for theterrible writting, I know almost nothing about English...)See you, and Congrats for the hp!!!
9 September 2001,06:15:34 - Brazil

Message 42 - Trouble Star | trouble_star~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | www.angelfire.com/co/troublestar/rb3deveryday.htm
Salute Shadow Lady! :)Trouble Star.RB3D Everyday Squadron.http://www.angelfire.com/co/troublestar/rb3deveryday.htm
23 July 2001,06:28:02 - Hong Kong

I love Video Girl Ai I was blown away by the story. It was just breathtaking!! I just wished that I could read it in Japenese
12 July 2001,02:28:32 - fLORIDA

Message 40 - Joe | Joe_neoeagle~AT~hotmail~DOT~com | neoeagle.homestead.com/begin.html
Es genial tu página, ojalá que la actualizaras y pusieras cosas nuevaspero en fin no se puede tener todo en la vida, o sí?Moteuchi Yota
25 June 2001,00:59:22 - Hey, suficiente info por hoy

Message 39 - luigi | shinken~AT~mail~DOT~mac~DOT~com | www.geocities.com/itabacchino/index.htm
I' like this pages ^_^
17 June 2001,17:13:27 - Italy

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your website is so cool! Make more more more!!!!! I love it. ECall me!(Or should I say, Email me!)
11 June 2001,04:01:31 - St.Croix

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please send us new pics or even thumb nails! We are soo crazed about shadow lady! except the pics of her in the original costume and the bunny onesshe looks kinda retarded. sam and jackie
24 May 2001,01:23:12 - Michigan

Message 36 - Katharina Kraus | ferkelchen~AT~web~DOT~de
Hello I like your page very much because I'm a big Shadow Lady-fanWhen you get more pictures mail me !!!(please ;) ) Okay thank you (for what ever) but good bye Kathi
19 May 2001,19:16:43 - Germany

Message 35 - nasution hari | hari_nasution~AT~eudoramail~DOT~com | dualima.tripod.com/dualima
please contack me about yours manga and anime
16 May 2001,01:45:57 - indonesia

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Seu nome parece brasileiro, se voce for me manda um e-mail tá!
8 May 2001,03:19:26 - Brazil

Message 33 - P~ko | pqangelsrock~AT~yahoo~DOT~com | www.dreamwater.net/pqangels/pqenter.html
Like the pics you have. SHADOW LADY IS THE BEST!!! BE SEEING YA
27 April 2001,22:39:16 - ANIMIPIKE

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23 April 2001,23:23:42 - UNITED STATE

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Great web page, keep up the good work
18 April 2001,21:51:28 - Kelowna B.C. Canada

Message 30 - Anjyi Gaglia | mecca423~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I absolutely Adore This Webpage!!! Must see More illustrations, though.
9 April 2001,18:47:19 - Roanoke, Va.

Message 29 - Jeremiah | silen1wind1~AT~moonkingdom~DOT~com
the cencored area is quite small
31 March 2001,06:30:58 - no where

Message 28 - Elyse | sasamigrl~AT~aol~DOT~com | darkstalkergirls.friendpages.com
I think leo is cute,I like your descriptions on the anime/manga titles please send me an email!I'd like to talkto you some time on IM if you have AOL!
25 March 2001,06:54:28 - Chicago,Illinois

Message 27 - Serg | mr~DOT~berserg~AT~mtu-net~DOT~ru
Hi there, Leo! First I want to beg your pardon for my English, I'm not very good at it. I found you page searching for any information about Video Girl Ai. You know, my impression of this story is the same as yours. Though my impression was formed only by few episodes of OVA (1st and 2nd, I simply couldn't stay any longer to watch the others), that was enough for me to fall in love in this story. I'm very sensitive person by nature, and I didn't have to wait for the last episode for letting some tears out of my eyes. Now I'm looking forward to watch the rest of OVA and simultaneously looking for any trace of soundtrack in the Web. Could you help me in my search? Maybe you know any sites where I can get it? I would be very thankful to you. I've left my e-mail, so you can contact me anytime. Thanx!
31 January 2001,11:49:22 - Moscow (Russia)

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Just came back to say that mah email address is incorrect. Mah real address is at yahoo. Sorry...And great webpage....really like it
18 January 2001,19:46:32 - don't know

Message 25 - MYSTERY PERSON | hehahehe~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Your webpage is amazing......a real anime person. Here is a suggestion that might help your website do better. Put More
PORN IN IT!!!!!! theres not enough. And mainly most animeseries have a lot of porn in them. hehahehe
17 January 2001,23:52:12 - SOME WHERE

Message 24 - rose
hi I love the anime pics you got on your home page I've copyed acouple to see ifI could maybe draw them I really love to draw anime and magic night ray earth is my fav.so if you happen to stumble on any more pic be shure to add them on K? well got to go byeoh and if you do want to email me I'm gizmo191us@yahoo.com but Idon't check my mail to offen
11 January 2001,00:40:37 - denver,co

Message 23 - Oscar Cornejo Romo | oscar~DOT~2~AT~yupimail~DOT~com | micasa.yupi.com/oscar.2
I need to know about an old artist from manga, his name is Ozamu Tezuka, and i cant find nothing about him,because i saw (when i was a child, 8 or 9 years old) it wascalled Astroboy, and other named here La princesa Caballero, and nobody remember,ok, its was that, i will be waiting for your answer, please contact me. And i have a web page but i havent the copy rihts of a draws and i want to know how to put them in te web, i will be waiting.Atte Oscar Cornejo }Romo.
15 October 2000,20:12:45 - Jalisco, México

Message 22 - julio cesar riaño guevara | jurigue~AT~uole~DOT~com
5 September 2000,21:58:28 - COLOMBIA

Message 21 - Kalkutschke Tino | t~DOT~Kalkutschke~AT~12move~DOT~de
Wonderfull Site,with wonderful images of real Life.
3 September 2000,23:42:08 - Germany

Message 20 - ari | saturn_purple~AT~operamail~DOT~com
well, keep on the good work
30 August 2000,07:47:42 - indonesia

Message 19 - rui | rui~AT~edsamail~DOT~com~DOT~ph
Hey! yuo're picture of rayearth is kinda cute.
12 August 2000,10:23:25 - phil.

Message 18 - pItU KaTsUrAgUi | pitu01misato~AT~secondimpact~DOT~com
nice page, nice anime, what else would an otaku like...??
10 August 2000,22:31:55 - Colombia

Message 17 - NIck Draxton
Just resigning to say I agree with the signature below me try expanding your site even more
16 July 2000,22:33:14 - Smithfield ME

Message 16 - Sunday Alcober | Autonno-Inverno~AT~eudoramail~DOT~com | none
Nice page you have, pls add some more new pics. of Anime.Thanks.Godbless.Sunday
17 June 2000,10:45:29 - Cebu City, Philippines

Message 15 - Belldandy | belldandy~AT~freenet~DOT~de | belldandy12.nav.to
Hi!!!Die Page ist super, aber es könnten ruhig ein paar Bilder mehr sein!!!Ciao!!!Sagt Belldandy!!!
16 June 2000,19:08:04 - Deutschland

Message 14 - Rice | ll0022~AT~sina~DOT~com~DOT~cn
Hi: It's my first time visit your homepage.Let's make a friend,OK. Don't forget to send me E-mail.
11 June 2000,08:47:51 - China

Message 13 - Reika | markrosmarie~AT~mail~DOT~msn~DOT~com
HI there! I couldn't help but notest you had the other three
books to magic knight rayearth. I was wondering where did you
get them?

Leo: Hi Reika, I am replying you here, because your email-address doesn't work...
Those books are the German edition. So if you speak German, you can get them easily there.

10 June 2000,07:19:36 - U.S.A

Message 12 - Nick DRAXTON | none
I Agree on the censorship issues but the section is too small to make a good point on it try increasing the size and adding more text to back it up
Also excellent work on the site Katsura would be proud

Sincerely Nick Draxton ;-)
8 June 2000,19:32:28 - SMMITHFIELD ME,

Message 11 - Alejandro | chochi1~AT~ole~DOT~es

6 May 2000,21:32:05 - Spain

Message 10 - slive | sylvain_y~AT~yahoo~DOT~com | slive2000.ifrance.com
hello, I just wanted to say hi and say that you are doing a
great job in exposing some of Katsura's work.

keep on the good work and I wish when I'll come back in this
site, I'll see many more things. ^_^

Until, take care and hope you enjoy life

plz, visit my website and tell me what you think of it
it's still under construction but I hope it'll become a great
one. I'm working very hard on it.

here is my website URL. http://slive2000.ifrance.com
10 April 2000,11:24:01 - france

Message 9 - Marina | marinam~AT~citiline~DOT~ru
Very nice page!I like it!
(lovely cat!!!!!!!)
All the best!
1 April 2000,22:07:12 - Moscow

Message 8 - Mike | LOupgaru~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
Nice site, good quality pics. I enjoed my visit and will return.
25 March 2000,00:39:34 - Alabama

Message 7 - mAURIZIO & pAOLA | whitwblue~AT~libero~DOT~it
We like Ai and animals, so we appreciate those who love them!
Go on like this!

5 February 2000,16:20:11 - Italy

Message 6 - Christina | www.zing.com/cgi-bin/member.cgi?name=stina
Awww... I love your updates, especially the cute photos of Nico and Harriet Vane. The videos are a wonderful feature of your webpage. I felt like I was able to share a little bit of Christmas with you. Thank you!
24 January 2000,03:18:37 - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Message 5 - Your Secret Pal
Que Pasa?
Si? Non!
Vaya Con Dios, mi amigo!!!
Con Amor,
Susanna Robles
23 January 2000,07:14:53 - Spain!

Message 4 - JhÒÓk! | the_jhook~AT~yahoo~DOT~it
Hi Leo, you have build a good page.
Excuse me if my english is much basic.
For manga in Italy....whe have fight the censure and whe won

....uhm...pieces won....the manga in Italy are uncensored,
and they have a great success.

see you space, cowboy
22 January 2000,23:19:21 - ITALY

20 January 2000,23:28:15 - MEXICO

Message 2 - Maria Hufgard | mhufgard~AT~online~DOT~de | www.maria-hufgard.de
Am besten gefallen mir die Videos und deine Nichte Harriet.
16 January 2000,22:27:16 - Germany

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Hi !Please sign my guestbook ^_^ !
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