Video Girl Ai - The Live Action Movie

While I was visiting Tokyo in 1991 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this poster on one of the houses, advertising a Video Girl Ai movie - live action.

Of course I went to see it ! And I was happily surprised to find out that, while it was a low-budget movie, it was very nicely done.

Since the movie never really left Japan (I hear it only appeared in Japanese video stores, exclusivly on tapes), it is not very well known among Ai fans.

In Japanese movie theaters you can buy little booklets for the movies, when you go to see them. So in celebration of my 10th Video Girl Aid anniversary I have scanned in my nine year booklet. As far as I know these pictures appear here for the first time ever on the web.

Enjoy ^_^

Page 1 y600 Page 2 y600 Page 3 y600
Page 1 x800 Page 2 x800 Page 3 x800

Page 4 y600 Page 5 y600 Page 6 y600
Page 4 x800 Page 5 x800 Page 6 x800

Page 7 y600 Page 8 y600 Page 9 y600
Page 7 x800 Page 8 x800 Page 9 x800

Page 10 y600 Page 11 y600 Page 12 y600
Page 10 x800 Page 11 x800 Page 12 x800

Page 13 y600 Page 14 y600 Page 15 y600
Page 13 x800 Page 14 x800 Page 15 x800

Page 16 y600 Page 17 y600 Page 18 y600
Page 16 x800 Page 17 x800 Page 18 x800

Page 19 y600 Page 20 y600
Page 19 x800 Page 20 x800

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Created Oct 09, 2000
Last updated Oct 09, 2000