Magic Knight Rayearth


The story of Magic Knight Rayearth starts when three girls, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are suddenly transported from Tokyo Tower to the magical world of Cephiro. There they learn, that they are to become the legendary Magic Knights in order to save the princess and all of Cephiro.

What at first seems like a standard (but well executed) story set in a RPG world, with the characters learning their new abilities, getting better equipment and fighting enemies, becomes something very different by volume 3. I certainly did not see the ending coming.

Volume 4 starts a new story line, this time the Magic Knights are trying to help Cephiro fight off its invading neighbors. But the more the storyline advances, the more it becomes clear that the real story is how the girls learn to cope with the turn of events in volume 3.

The 6th and final volume has a big surprise waiting again.

So even if this might seem like "CLAMP-light" at the beginning, go out and read it. The story is quite a ride, and should leave you breathless too.

Here are the covers for the German edition:

Volume 1 y600 Volume 2 y600 Volume 3 y600
Volume 1 x800 Volume 2 x800 Volume 3 x800

Volume 4 y600 Volume 5 y600 Volume 6 y600
Volume 4 x800 Volume 5 x800 Volume 6 x800

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Created Dec 27, 1997
Last updated Dec 28, 1999