Finally there is an artbook out by Masakazu Katsura ! It has certainly been long awaited (at least by me !).

It is actually three books in a plastic case, which looks quite good on your bookshelf. If you like his full color art do yourself a favor and buy this one.

To give you an idea, here are pictures of the three covers plus the collected books in their case:

L-side R-side Shadow Lady 4C back


Name4C Katsura Masakazu Illustrations
PriceYen 3333
Format22 x 30.5cm (8.7 x 12")
1st PrintingAugust 1998
2nd PrintingSeptember 1998

Contents Book 1: L-side LOVERS-side

I''s20 pages
Video Girl42 pages
M4 pages
?11 pages

Contents Book 2: R-side HEROES-side

Wingman22 pages
DNA214 pages
Shadow Lady8 pages
Other Illustrations18 pages
Interview9 pages
Works7 pages
Guest Message15 pages

Contents Book 3: SHADOW LADY

Shadow Lady47 pages

Everything is in stunning full color (except the interview and the Works listing).

More details soon !

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